The Show - R&B Superstars
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Tuesday, November 19, 2013
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The Show - R&B Superstars

It's Saturday 16th Oct 2013 and we have a truly spectacular line up of some of R&B's finest acts here to perform in London Wembley Arena, for an event called ' The Show - R&B Superstars '

Appearing and performing on the night was R&B's finest Faith Evans, Donell Jones, Kelly Price, Dave Hollister, Ginuwine, Sisqo, Bobby V, Chico Debarge, J Holiday, & Adina Howard, and what an impressive line up for the night it was. These are some of the most talented and favourable Artists of R&B and each have had their own share of major success.

The Show was hosted by Eddie Kadi & Jigs, and the music was provided by Frisky DJ, Rampage & Abrantee.     


I had the privilege of shooting the Show as Official Photographer and my task here is to shoot the Performing Artists in their element, performing on stage, providing sharp, clean & well exposed images.

So I'm geared up with my camera kit and selection of adequate lenses for the task, and I'm good to go. The Arena is packed and the atmosphere is intense, the stage is brilliantly lit and looks amazing whilst the DJ's spin some of the hottest club tracks which brings an amazing vibe to the Arena, and then crowd waits in anticipation before the acts are announced. I've grown up listening to much of these R&B Artists and I'm really looking forward to hearing and seeing them perform live some of my favourite tracks, but I hear a voice in the back of my mind wondering if the Artists are going to be able to vocally deliver and give their fans a Show of a lifetime, and take us back to how it was then.

Technique used

The first thing I observe as I arrive into the pit to shoot, is to study the lighting condition on stage and I can see that it's lit remarkably well, so I'm able to shoot at a reasonable ISO of 800, and I decide to use my Nikon 17-55m 2.8f for some nice wide angled shots, I have my shutter speed set to 200, and my aperture set to f4. As the majority of the Artists were constantly moving on stage, a shutter speed of 200 ensured that I was capturing the images and freezing the frame, so I wasn't getting any unwanted motion blur. Images remained crisp and sharp. I switched lenses a few time se throughout to my Nifty fifty, better known still as my 50m prime lens, and as I was quite close to the performing artists I was able to capture some nice portraits whilst they performed. Overall, I had some really great results with the images which I took on the day, the only challenge I had during the day was the overpowering blue stage lights which seemed to cast a blue mist on stage which made it barely visible to see the Artists, but this was overcome by adjusting my increasing and widening my aperture which made great results.

As for the performance of the Artists, I was incredibly amazed and blown away with the vocal delivery, performance, and energy of each Artist 





                                                                                                                 DAVE HOLLISTER





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